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About Habitat

This is a site created for students, educators, parents and newcomers to Canada—a place where you can explore COPA's array of innovative resources designed to help children flourish and reach their full potential. We approach this by looking at issues of home and school collaboration, bullying and violence prevention and equity and inclusion.

Throughout the site you will find tools that we’ve created for use at home, at school or in the community. They include information about programs, training modules and courses, guidebooks, posters, pins, storybooks, documentaries and animated vignettes.


About COPA National

COPA National’s mission is to prevent and interrupt violence, bullying, and child abuse on individual, organizational, and systemic levels by offering simple and effective tools and resources that promote positive social change. In our experience, it is tools, not rules that create sustainable change.

We have been developing and perfecting these tools and resources for 25 years in schools, communities, and organizations all over Ontario, and in our role as provincial coordinator of settlement workers in Francophone school communities in Ontario. We have offered programming to over 170,000 children so far.

Our approach is unique in that it focuses on prevention and on building capacity in people, families, organizations, and communities in order to create lasting change.

COPA National's repertoire includes programs to address bullying and violence, child abuse, diversity and inclusion, racism, gender equity, consent, LGBTQ2S+ issues, reconciliation awareness, and more. Our programs are all based on principles of social justice and on empowering marginalized and vulnerable populations.

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