This is a site created for parents and caregivers and schools—a place where you can explore COPA's array of innovative resources designed to help children flourish and reach their full potential. We approach this by looking at issues of home and school collaboration, bullying and violence prevention and equity and inclusion.

Throughout the site you will find tools that we’ve created for use at home, at school or in the community. They include information about programs, training modules and courses, guidebooks, posters, pins, essays, storybooks, documentaries and animated vignettes.

At COPA we believe that every child has the right to be safe, strong and free. We hope that the site supports you to make that true for all children. We all belong.

copa 20 years

COPA is a recognized centre of excellence in the field of violence prevention through the promotion of equity and social inclusion. Over 120,000 children, youth and adults have received at least one of COPA's unique and effective school-based assault prevention programs. COPA is a Francophone non-profit organization, working in both French and in English. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

COPA provides a wide range of multimedia educational resources, training, professional development, network building and consultation throughout the province in response to requests from schools, boards and communities.

COPA’s unique approach is based on individual and collective empowerment. It is supported by an analysis founded on principles of equity and inclusion to effect positive social change. COPA works to recognize human rights, especially those of children and other marginalized groups.

COPA works with provincial and local organizations and institutions across Ontario, such as school boards, parent groups and teachers’ unions, women’s groups, cultural and community centres, health centres and settlement agencies.